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The Burnside Zouaves

Major Charles H. Merriman
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Charles Henry Merriman

Listed as Lieutenant 1st Class on 17 April 1861 with the 1st  Rhode Island Infantry Regment Company S (Staff) he mustered out on 02 August 1861 (3 month unit)
Reenlisted on 26 May 1862 as Full Major 10th Rhode Island Infantry Regiment Company S (Staff).

 Charles was born in the State of Georgia in October of the year 1833 and died in Providence,RI 14 Mar 1920.
Father: William P.(Punderson) Merriman
Died 03 Sept 1839 in Augusta, GA
Mother: Eliza Young Lippitt
Born 1810
Charles came to Rhode Island after the death of his father in 1839, when his mother relocated them to stay with her mother in Providence,Rhode Island along with his Brothers & Sisters listed as follows;
Robert L.
Maria L.
born-1835  died-14 May 1841 age 6 yrs
 and a yet unborn sister Elizabeth
who was born in Rhode Island late 1839 or early 1840.
Charles married Esther Hudson Thurston in 1862
(born-April 1837  died-08 Jan 1917 age 81 yrs)
They made their home in Barrington, RI and began their family with the birth of son
 04 August 1863 - d. 09 May 1868.
Their next child was daughter
Maria L.(Lippitt)
 20 June 1866 - d. 17 November 1878.
Both are buried in Swan Point Cemetery in Providence, RI
Their last four children were all males as follows;
Charles Henry
 b-23 October 1868  d-05 Febuary 1950
He was married to Edith Richmond
b.1872 - d.19 January 1969.
Harold Thurston 
b-10 July 1870  d-10 April 1941
 He was married on 01 June 1899 to Elizabeth Chapin
b-1874  d-16 April 1955.
Edward Bruce
 b-15 August 1872  d-18 October 1941
He was married on 28 November 1900 to Helen A.(Abbe)Pearce b-1876  d-16 Sept 1971.
Isaac Butts
b-08 October 1874  d-11 December 1960
He was married to Mary C. Jenckes
b-1876  d-07 March 1946.
All eight above are buried in Swan Point Cemetery in Providence, Rhode Island.
Sometime after 1890 Charles moved back to Providence, RI where they lived at 26 Cooke Street in the 1900 US Census during this time Charles made his living as a Cotton & Woolen Manufacturer of which he did well.
Both Charles and Esther are buried in Swan Point Cemetery in Providence, Rhode Island


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