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The Burnside Zouaves

Edward K. Glezen

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Edward Knight Glezen was born in 1844 in Providence, Rhode Island his father was a cotton merchant.
Father; Eben Knight Glezen
Born-1814 - Died 05 Sept 1868 at the age of 54yrs.
Eben had two wives.
Abby T. Gilbert
Born-1811 - Died-21 May 1857 at the age of 46yrs.
Martha Lippitt
Born-1835 - Died-16 Dec 1887 at the age of 52yrs. 
Abby was Edward's mother as well as mother to Edward's sister.
Ellen (Nellie) Morgan
Born-1847 - Died-07 Jan 1910 at the age of 63yrs.
Edward also had a half brother whoms mother was Martha. Eben and Martha were married on 27 Oct 1858 a year and five months after the death of his first wife, Abby.
Frank Lippitt
Born-1862 - Died-28 Sept 1913 at the age of 51yrs.
Frank was married to Anna Frances Draper
(Born-1851 - Died-26 Oct 1936 at the age of 85yrs.)
on 28 Oct 1903.
Edward enlisted on the 26 May 1862 in the 10th Regiment Infantry Company Field & Staff as Sergeant-Major he remained with the regiment until the unit mustered out on 01 Sept 1862 in Providence, Rhode Island.
Edward never married and became a clerk after the war but also went to school to become a lawyer, by 1883 Edward was practicing law in his office at 4 Market Street in Providence, Rhode Island and was living in his house at 14 George Street also in Providence. We find Edward in 1887 living in his new house at 312 Benefit Street in Providence more towards the center of the city. In 1889 his address has changed to 257 Benefit Street. He was also a member of the Hope Club, A gentlemens club in Providence and a member of the Board of State House Committees in 1895 thru the renaining years of his life.
Edward Died on 07 Mar 1904 at the age of 59yrs. He is buried in Swan Point Cemetery in Providence , Rhode Island along with all the members of his family.

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