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The Burnside Zouaves

Non -Commisioned Officers & Musicians

Uniform, Equipment, Weapons & Drill
Photographs Page 1
Photographs Page 2
Friends Remembered
10th Reg R.I. Vols. Field & Staff Roster
10th Reg R.I. Vols Co. H Officer Roster
10th Reg R.I. Vols Co H Non-Commissioned Officers Roster
10th Reg R.I. Vols Co H Enlisted Roster
Civil War Research Links
Research Team & Contact Information

Alfred Baker
Charles P. Gay
Edward C. Kendall
Henry G. Lillibridge
George A. Winchester
Charles H. Beedle
James A. Bucklin
William T. Hovey
George A. Kendall
Charles A. Kimball
Albert G. Knowles
Alphonso W. Martin
Benjamin F. Pabodie
William E. Dickerson
William J. Tilley Jr.



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The Burnside Zouaves Association of Rhode Isalnd
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If you know of any other men who served with the zouaves as part the 10th Reg RI Inf Co H. and have supporting documents please contact us.