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The Burnside Zouaves

Thomas Fry Tobey

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Thomas Fry Tobey was born 30 Sept 1840 in Providence, Rhode Island
Father: Samuel B.(Boyd) Tobey -b. 1806 -d. Samuel was a Medical Doctor. Samuel had two wives.
1st: Sarah L.(Lockwood)-b.1802 -d. 05 June 1833
2nd: Sarah F.(Fry) - 1807 -d.25 May 1894
Thomas had three half-brothers from 1st wife Sarah L. (Lockwood):
1. William B. -b. 09 September 1829 -d. 06 December 1830 age 14 months.
2. William B. -b. 17 November 1830 -d. 01 December 1888.
3. Samuel B. -b. 06 December 1831 -d. 03 January 1898.
All but the older William B. were buried in Quaker Burial Grounds which was moved into North Burial Grounds in Providence, Rhode Island in 1857.
Thomas was one of four children from Samuel's 2nd wife Sarah F. (Fry):
John Fry Tobey
born 29 Nov 1835 - died 05 Oct 1882
Sarah C.
Thomas married Mary Rebecca in 1875 and had two children one who was named.
Walter L.
Born 1880 - Died 09 Apr 1910 at the age of 30yrs.
Thomas enlisted on 26 May 1862 with the 10th Regiment RI Inf Co F&S as a Sergeant he mustered out early on 06 Aug 1862 in order to get his affairs in order as he would reenlist with the 7th Regiment RI Inf Co E as Captain on 06 Sept 1862 and Promoted to Major on 07 Jan 1863 he resigned his commission on 09 Feb 1864 He stayed out of the war for a little more than a year when he enlisted in the US Army on 27 Feb 1865 in the 14th Regiment US Infantry where he remained until he retired as a Major on 09 Jan 1892. He joined his wife in Washington DC after he retired in 1892 where they stayed until Thomas died on 07 Jun 1920 his body was returned and buried in Quaker/North Burial Grounds in Providence, Rhode Island.

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