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The Burnside Zouaves

Lysander Flagg

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 Lysander Flagg was born in 1832 in Massachusetts, it looks like he was in Boylston when his parents died as we were able to find a guardianship order which terminated his guardianship in 1850 where he was working as a shoemaker in a shoe factory owned by Lydia Howe along with many others ages 14yrs to 22yrs. Lysander was 18 yrs old in 1850, next we find him in Smithfield, Rhode Island living with his wife;
Susan Scott Whipple
Born-Dec 1831 - Died-15 Nov 1913 at the age of 81yrs and 11 months.
Susan's parents
Father; Lebbeus Whipple
Born-1791 - Died-19 Aug 1867 at the age of 76yrs.
Mother; Amy Clark
Born-1791 - Died-20 Aug 1878 at the age of 87yrs.
 They lived in Smithfield in what was 29 Cross Street with a post office in Central Falls which was at that time in Smithfield/Lonsdale, Rhode Island. Lysander and Susan were married prior to 1860 and had their first child in 1861.
Susan Whipple
Born-1861 - Died-11 Apr 1880 at the age of 19yrs.
Lysander was employed as a Jeweler proir to the war.
On 26 May 1862 he enlisted in the 10th Regiment Rhode Island Infantry Company Field & Staff as Quartermaster Sergeant and continued in these duties until the unit mustered out on 01 Sept 1862 in Providence, Rhode Island.
He returned to Susan and their home on Cross Street in Central Falls, Rhode Island where he was listed as a trader and they had their second child.
William (Willie) Lysander
Born-1867 - Died-07 Dec 1873 at the age of 6yrs.
It is unclear as to weather or not Lebbeus (susan's father) ever met his grandson because he died in Aug of 1867 and willed the family home to Lysander and Susan. Lysander became a general manager of a company which made railroad crossing gates in the 1870's for the Railway Safety Gate Company and continued in this position for the rest of his life, he also was active in the school system in Central Falls which was now part of Pawtucket, Rhode Island. He was a Trustee for the Central Falls Union School Districts Numbers 24 and 35 on Broad Street. In 1874 Lysander became a Notaries Public which he also maintained until his death on 26 Jun 1883 at the age of 52yrs.
Lysander and his family are buried at Swan Point Cemetery in Providence, Rhode Island.

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