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The Burnside Zouaves

James O. Swan

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James O. Swan was born in Maine around 1831, we have not been able to confirm the parents,but we think they are William D. Swan and Betsey Swan both of Maine.
James married Emeline A. Thornton sometime in the late 1840's more than likely 1849 as their first daughter was born in April of 1850. They would go on to have five children in all.
Caroline Eleanor
Born-28 Feb 1850 - Died-15 Sept 1921 at the age of 71yrs.
Ida J.
Born-02 Aug 1852 - Died-@1946
Caleb Osborn
Born-19 Jun 1854 - Died-21 Jul 1919 at the age of 65yrs.
William D.
Born-22 Sept 1860 - Died-1933 at the age of 73yrs.
Sarah L.
Born-28 Oct 1868 - Died-27 Jan 1943 at the age of 74yrs.
James enlisted at the out break of the War of the Rebellion he joined the 1st Regiment Rhode Island Detached Militia Company C on 17 Apr 1861 saw battle at Bull Run, Va. and mustered out with his regiment on 02 Aug 1862 in Providence, Rhode Island. When the President called for 75,000 men James O. Swan had responded by joining the 1st and when the second call for men arose on 25 May 1862 James did not wait he enlisted in the 10th Regiment Rhode Island Infantry Company Field & Staff on 26 May 1862 as Commissary Sergeant and Mustered out with them on 01 Sept 1862 in Providence, Rhode Island.
On his return from war again he settled down and begin his carrer as a police officer in the City of Providence and before long in 1870 he was listed as a detective the first in the city. He continued in his choosen profession for the remainder of his life. In 1883 his home was listed as 28 Dover Street in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1886 he is listed as making $3.50per day as a detective (James was one of two at this time). James was said to be well liked with a quiet and convincing way about him some said while he has a stern and dignified air that he must have a hard heart but his men always came first (in the war and in the police department).
James died on 28 Jan 1903 at the age of 74yrs. He is buried with his family at Riverside Cemetery on Pleasant Street in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

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