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An American Civil War Ancestor Project

The War of the Rebellion (American Civil War) is more than a hobby for us. It's a passion. We will try to tell you the story of these men through our pictures and our research.
Our goal is to outfit and field an accurate Color Guard
The Burnside Zouaves
If your interested in joining,Contact us. 

If you've ever done research in school you will know where we started, with a desire to learn more about a subject. In this case it is The Burnside Zouaves. Most people would say the who??, I never heard of them or where are they from and what did they do? Well the quick answer is that they were 80 men from Rhode Island who answered the call to action in 1861. But as you will see as time goes on that is only part of the story. As we dig through papers and pictures from long ago we will tell you more. If you wish to begin with us try the web (google this, Burnside's Zouaves) you will get many thousands of hits but you may be sad to find that only 5 really match. And most of the data in them is incorrect. With this site my team and I will show you the real data. John Hopkins University as of 2007 has taken an interest in the Burnside Zouaves, not so much for the men, but in the music or more correctly the Burnside Zouaves March which was written for the Burnside Zouaves in 1868. (see link page for their web-page on the march)
As you can see we have added some more pages to the web site.
Weapons page is now finished, follow links to view.  
Rosters are complete.
Updated Roster information (some pictures found.
Uniform's research has been completed.
Uniforms are being made:
Chausser Trousers & Fezs by Timeless Stitches (see links page).
Vests, Jackets, Sashs, & Gaiters by Linda Guiot and Anna Frail.
Biography Pages of men have been started.
Military Services records have been copied from the National Archives in Washington DC for every member of the Burnside Zouaves that served during the American Civil War.
Pension records are being copied now.
We started this web site in 2005 with an idea & desire to learn more of these men, it is now 2012 as I add this, we have the uniforms completed and six men as a Color Guard. If you are interested in learning more about our Color Guard, please contact us.

Side Show Toys 12" Action Figure
close but inaccurate, whats incorrect?

Below picture was used for doll, incorrect again.
Burnside Zouave March
The bib, trim, and tessel are wrong.

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at our photos. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!

The Burnside Zouaves Association of Rhode Isalnd
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If you know of any other men who served with the zouaves as part the 10th Reg RI Inf Co H. and have supporting documents please contact us.